Eurospedizioni Villasan S.R.L is a national and international group of transport company, founded in Vicenza (Italy) in 2015 specialized in full loads. We are also present in the Iberian territory, specifically in Seville (Spain), with our correspondent Villasan y Puertas S.L

Through highly qualified mother-tongue staff engaged in the commercial sector, Eurospedizioni Villasan establishes a personalized relationship with its customers in order to satisfy all their needs.

We have refrigerated trucks with controlled temperatures with the possibility of exchanging pallets, box trucks, tilts with tarpaulin , curtains, mega trucks with 3 mt hight from 100 m3, lorry , jumbo with 3 meters hight of 120 m3 and vans for express service throughout Italy and Europe.

We are dedicated to the business of transport as a transport agency, based on the experience and talent of the people who work in our company.

Our goal is to satisfy all the transport needs of our customers by offering and guaranteeing the highest quality of the contracted service.

That is why it is essential to check our trucks and transmit information to our customers about any unexpected events that may appear during the trip.

We cooperate with a huge number of transporters who rely on us with their trucks , so on this way are able to contribute to the growth of their business.

Our team

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